"M"-Type Carnivore

Ruger Super Warhawk, Hvy Mod

weapon (ranged)
Heavily Modified Ruger Super Warhawk

Weight: 2.9 kilograms
Composition: Polycarbonite (Gun Metal coloration)


  • Internal Smartlink System
  • Custom Bore Barrel (+1DV)
  • Bottom Mounted Barrel (-1AP)
  • Micro Power Rail (+25% range)
  • Enlarged Cylinder (+2 Ammo)
Weapon Damage AP Mode RC Ammo Avail. Cost
“M” Type Carnivore 7P -3 SS 8(cy) 32,500Y
Range Short (+0) Medium (-1) Long (-3) Extreme (-6)
“M” Type Carnivore 0-6 7-25 26-50 51-75

Currently on display at The Mark’d Link in the downtown district.

Price: 125,000Y

"M"-Type Carnivore

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