Arath Malthis


Age: 21
Race: Elf
Sex: Male
HT: 6’4" (lanky)
WT: 130 (toned)
Hair: Blonde (shoulder length)
Eyes: Viridian


Combat Mage
– Mentor Spirit: Dark Goddess



Arath stared down at his opponents, a mob of twenty or so foul little creatures from all corners of Seattle. His viridian eyes flash as he weaves his most powerful spell, the creatures back away several paces as mana begins to coalesce between the palms of his hands. Arath grins evilly and forces more mana into his spell, electricity sparks in the air surrounding him. With a scream of rage one of the creatures charge foward, only to be zapped by his shield and tossed back into the crowd.

“Now flee before me creatures of darkness or face a fury like none other!” Arath called, his spell almost complete. The creatures continued to back away, muttering in a guttural language among themselves. One beast came forward, twice the size of the other creatures, it pointed and shouted, guiding the others to surround Arath but keeping a safe distance. His spell complete, Arath roars. “You were given a chance to step aside, now I must force you!!” His blonde hair waving in the gust created by the spell, Arath forges the mana into Ball Lightning and with considerable effort he prepares to launch it at the great beast of the creatures.

“Get the Keebler!!” cry the mass of creatures and with a mighty throw waves of rocks, bottles and other refuse rain down upon Arath. The sudden onslaught catches him off-guard and he loses his concentration on the spell, the Ball Lightning implodes in his hands and the resulting backlash of mana drains away the last of his strength. Between the backlash and the bombardment Arath collapses to the ground unconscious.

The children of North Seattle Community Center smugly returned inside, a few give Arath a solid kick or spit on his unconscious body as they pass by. A large troll child confined to a wheelchair stops for a moment, emptying his catheter bag on Arath’s head. “You shouldn’t pick on people, especially children.” The troll pushes his thick horn-rimmed glasses back up on his nose and returns inside.

Arath Malthis

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